Saturday, February 12, 2011

Studio J- January Membership order

Have I mentioned How much I LOVE Studio J?  I just got 20 layouts in the mail today!  Halloween is a big picture time for us and I created these layouts sitting on the sofa with the laptop just relaxing and watching tv too!  For me I have 2 sets of Halloween layouts to make so I just bought 2 copies!  So easy!  I also got pages from my Washington DC trip this summer!  I will post those later but I have that trip half done and I would have not gotten to them for ages without Studio J!

What is Studio J?
It is an online scrapbooking program that allows you to make as many pages as you want for NO cost!  It costs you nothing until you decide to print them!  There is no program to buy, they update it with more papers and layouts on a regular basis so you never have to buy more "paper".

How much does it cost? 
I have a year membership which is $99.  Each 2 page layout is $6.50, the page protectors and shipping is free once in a month for up to 20 2 page layouts.

Without a membership it is:
 Per two-page, custom-printed layout $13.00
Shipping per box of up to 20 layouts $5.95

There are also 3 month memberships and a 5 pack that are great options for just trying it out!
12-Month membership $99.00
3-Month membership $30.00
Per two-page, custom-printed layout $6.50
Per two-page JPG file $3.00

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