Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Scrapbook purse

 Our favorite babysitter is getting married soon and she needed to make cards for her bridesmaids...all 12 of them!  She wanted to write a thank you note to them in it and then also had a pair of earring she was giving them.  So we came up with a great solution, we made this purse for her to write in and then put the earrings in!
 We made hers slightly different, the 3 squares in the center were left blank for her to put a picture of her and the bridesmaid in the center square and write her thank you note in the top and bottom squares.  She also wrote in her beautiful handwriting the couple's names and the wedding date.  They turned out really beautiful and I hope the bridesmaids appreciate the time and effort she took to make them!

She commented before she left that she should have made one for herself, so I made this one for her to put wedding pictures in and keep as a remembrance!
Congratulations in advance to Madison and Nick!

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