Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just me and my Sweetie in Jefferson, Texas

About 9 months ago I bought a deal for a bed and breakfast in Jefferson, Texas which is about 7 hours from our house (what was I thinking)!  We have tried several times to set dates to go and really had to finally just say we are going on this date and life will have to adjust to us.  We realized we had not been away together unless it was for business in at least 2 years.  This was a well deserved break and great time of relaxation together!  One of the things, did after spending most of the day being lazy was a walking tour of Jefferson.

We had a little brochure that told us about each house and a little map to follow.  It was quite comical how wrong the information was but we had a good time anyway!  I really love older architecture and trees so it was a wonderful walk for me and the the temperature was about 70 or a little higher so it was beautiful weather wise too!
In the downtown area, we went to the general store and Chris had the $0.05 coffee and I got a root beer float!  Mine was yummy and well, Chris' cost 5 cents!
I wanted to go in this house (above), it reminded me so much of houses in North Carolina or upstate New York.
 While I am not a huge history buff I did find the historical markers interesting and the entire tour to be well worth our time.  

The really fun thing is that we went on this trip on April 16-19 and I came home with half of the pages already done in Studio J thanks to the Wifi in our room!  I only had to finish journaling about the history and a few other things and ordered them last Saturday!  I will have a completed album in about a week! If I had saved the pictures to do the traditional way, well, there would probably never be any pages.

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