Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Second Half of Jefferson, TX

The second full day we were in Jefferson we went to Caddo Lake State Park.  I felt like is was back in North Carolina, I have so missed the trees!
When we walked into the pond area, every critter took notice and was talking to each other, it was quite loud!  Chris suggested I use the retired Wings paper and I was skeptical but I love the way it turned out!  I did the pages while sitting in bed watching a movie back at the BnB!

We not only saw a lot of trees but a lot of bugs too.  Some were fun to look at and others were just downright pesky!  I tried to get a photo of a beautiful black and blue butterfly but couldn't stand still long enough to catch one because of the mosquitos.

When we changed elevation the mosquitos were gone because of the breeze blowing! We were vary thankful for the breeze.

On the Bayou, the critters were talkative again but nothing like on the pond.  It was very peaceful by the bayou!  We even recorded the sounds to share with our kids!

The page on the right was our BnB.  The breakfasts were wonderful and we really enjoyed our stay there!

To once again brag about Studio J, I finished these pages the night after we took them!  I did a few finishing touches with embellishments and journaling and sent them off to be printed about a week after we got back!  Can't wait to get them and make a small album of these pages!

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