Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Liebster Award

Thanks to Eva Friesen for the Liebster Award! Check out her blog here

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Layout Challenge Week #31

The Riverwalk in Lights!  My girls got to go down to the San Antonio Riverwalk at Christmas when it was covered in lights!  Grandma and Grandpa took them down to see the symphony!  I used the Roxie papers, sparkles, hemp and the Art Philosopy Cricut on this layout!  The lights at the bottom of the page were cut with the cricut and I popped them up with dimensional tape and attached them to hemp to look like they are on a string!  

Do you know what a zip strip is?  I used them as borders in this layout!  The zip strip is about a 1/2 inch wide strip that you cut off the paper.  On one side it is decorative and intended to be used as embellishment for your projects and on the side has the name of the paper, the colors used and and the product number.  These can be very useful!

I would love to see what you have been up to!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Studio J Saturday

 More calendar pages! This was fun putting these together and using so many pictures! The paper, Love Bird, is a Studio J exclusive, meaning it has never been used as a traditional paper pack!

Does Studio J interest you?  Join me at my crop tonight with your laptop and I will help you or contact me and I will set an appointment up to work with you!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Retiring list! Gone on August 1!

Retiring Product
(not included in the Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book)

·      The following products are scheduled to be retired from the CTMH product line and are not pictured in the Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book.
·      Combo packs of cardstock are also being retired.
·      All of our How-To Books have been retired and are sold out.
·      BULK items, when retired, are usually available while supplies last. If there are items that you need, it is suggested that you order early.

Paper Packs/Stickease/Complements
·      Cruisin’ Paper Pack                                            X7154B
·      Cruisin’ Complements Foil Images                        X7154C
·      Elemental Paper Pack                                         X7141B
·      Elemental Complements Dimensional Elements      X7141C
·      Footloose Paper Pack                                         X7151B
·      Footloose Complements Dimensional Elements      X7151C
·      Lucy Paper Pack                                               X7149B
·      Lucy Complements Glittery Rub-Ons                    X7149C
·      Roxie Paper Pack                                              X7140B
·      Roxie My Stickease Assortment                          X7140C
·      Sonoma Paper Pack                                           X7143B
·      Sonoma My Stickease Assortment                       X7143C
·      Superhero Paper Pack                                        X7152B
·      Superhero Complements Rub-Ons                        X7152C
·      Typeset Paper Pack                                           X7139B
·      Typeset Complements Canvas Shapes                 X7139C

Workshops on the Go

·      WOTG Cruisin’ Kit
·      WOTG Florentine Kit
·      WOTG Footloose Kit
·      WOTG Lucy Kit
·      WOTG Pemberley Kit
·      WOTG Stella Kit
·      WOTG Superhero Kit
·      WOTG Victory Kit

(Cardstock, inkpads, and reinkers are all included. Check your Idea Book for part numbers.)

·      Amethyst
·      Baby Pink
·      Brown Bag
·      Dutch Blue
·      Garden Green
·      Garnet
·      Grey Flannel
·      Grey Wool
·      Heavenly Blue
·      Holiday Red
·      Key Lime
·      Lilac Mist
·      Moonstruck
·      Pansy Purple
·      Parchment
·      Petal
·      Spring Iris
·      Sunflower
·      Sunkiss Yellow
·      Sunny Yellow
·      Taffy
·      Tulip
·      Vanilla Cream
·      Vineyard Berry

Other Cardstock
·      Colonial White 6-pack      X5901
·      White Daisy 6-pack         X5900

·      Clear Cards 4-1/4” x 5-1/2”
·      Clear Cards 4-1/2”

·      Quick Pic Album-Dark Chocolate             Z1406
·      Quick Pic Album-Dark Cranberry             Z1405
·      Quick Pic Album-Outdoor Denim              Z1404
·      Snapease Album System 12x12              Z4110

·      Bitty Brads Basic Assortment                   Z1367
·      Bitty Brads Metal Assortment                   Z1368
·      Bitty Buds Assorment                             Z1690
·      Bottle Caps                                            Z1691
·      Canvas Badge Buttons                           Z1397
·      Clear Sparkles                                       Z1104
·      Color Ready Irresistibles- Lots of Dots       Z1261
·      Comic Badge Buttons                             Z1688
·      Dimensional Elements-Ornaments Z1337
·      Heirloom Assorment                               Z1635
·      Hinges                                                  Z1402
·      Mini-Medley Accents-Honey                   Z1488
·      Mini-Medley Accents-Pacifica                  Z1698
·      Mini-Medley Accents-Sunset                   Z1338
·      Mini-Medley-Tulip                                   Z1320
·      Photo Hangers                                       Z1403
·      Ribbon-Designer Pink Collection               Z1384
·      Ribbon-Sw. Lf. Stitched Grosgrain (bulk)    Z1383
·      Seaside Wooden Shapes             Z1693 (sold out)

My Creations Products
·      My Creations A-Door-Ables                     Z1321
·      My Creations All Sorts Mini Album           Z1224
·      My Creations Cube                                Z1152
·      My Creations Mix & Mingle Album          Z1334

·      Craft Tray                                              1764
·      Distressing Kit                                        Z1299 (sold out)
·      Dotto Dots Dispenser                               1766
·      Dotto Dots Dispenser-Refill                       1767
·      Double Scrubber                         Z1163
·      Euro Personal Paper Trimmer                  Z338
·      Euro Replacement Blades                        Z339
·      Euro Replacement Blade/Scoring  Z340
·      Microfiber Cloth                                      Z1006
·      My Legacy Writer Black Pen Set             4275
·      Shoulder Tote                                         Z4204 (sold out)

See something you want or need get it here!  Don't forget the Perfect Pairs if you order $75 in product!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Layout Challenge Week #30

Super Fun birthday! This is the last of the Superhero Birthday layouts!  I have used the Superhero Badge buttons on the title!  The "super" theme has prevailed with the whole birthday!  It has been the most fun group of layouts to make!  I didn't really have to work for these layouts and I really enjoyed making them!

Have you had fun making anything recently?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Studio J Saturday

Studio J is going through some BIG changes!  Memberships are going away and the price per 2 page layouts dropping from $12.99 to $6.95!  Jpegs are free with the layout and only $2.95 without the layout.  All content that used to be members only is now available to everyone!    Also there are new express collections that you literally only have to upload your pictures, drag and drop them into the layout and add your titles!

 I know they look similar with the same pictures but they are actually similar for a reason.  I do 8 calendars for Christmas presents every year and I am trying something new this year by doing the picture part on Studio J.  So each page is the top of the calendar, two calendars from one 2 page layout!
 This paper pack is More to Adore which has been retired for a while!  One of my favorite perks of Studio J is having the huge selection of papers!!
More calendar pages are coming!  Look for them next Saturday!  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Convention Artwork

 I was at the CTMH convention last week and they have a room with artwork in it that has been created by the art department at CTMH.  This one really caught my eye, I liked that it used very little patterned paper and they highlighted the embossing!  They also used the Sparkle Fourishes, which there are more colors of in the upcoming Idea Book that goes live August 1!
I also love the paper ribbon they used to accent the photos!  Are you  looking forward to the new Idea Book!  We have 13 new workshops including 8 layouts ones, some home decor ones and 2 card ones!  

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Layout Challenge #29

I love the zip strips with the words on them!  They are really fun!  I used 3 zip strips on this layout, can you find them?  

Joshua is very cute and fun to make pages of.  I modified the right page to have only 5 pictures instead of nine!  I love how I can change the look of a layout just by changing a photo spot to journaling  or just a piece of paper.

I enjoyed creating this and look forward to seeing what you have created!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Revised Superhero Layouts!

I finally finished my Superhero Workshop layouts!  It is amazing how a little thing like the titles and journaling can make it look complete!

Last day to sign up and pay for this $15 workshop on July 28th is July 10th!  The workshop includes all papers cut for you and the embellishments.  You only need to bring scissors, adhesive, pop tape and glue dots!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Layout Challenge Week #28

My little superheros had a wonderful birthday party last December!  This paper made it just so incredibly easy to create layouts!

I used the zip strips as borders on the left page bottom and under Micah's name.  I also used the zip strips to make the present, I just cut them in graduated lengths and put a strip of red underneath and stacked them up!  I added ribbon and a star on top to make it look more like a present!

I had fun making this!  What are you up to creating these days!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Studio J Saturday

Kit: Mischief
Pattern: Dynamic DuoTM
Photos: 1 vertical, 1 horizontal, 4 square
Colors: Lagoon, Baby Pink, Honey, White Daisy, Cocoa Techniques:
  • Altering the look by changing the colors of B&T papers
  • Rotating a page
  • Using a vellum text box to lighten a color
  • Converting a photo well to a text box
                                                                                                                                Creating your own embellishments 
Can you believe that this layout with Mischief which is a retired Halloween paper?

The cupcakes are made from oval stickease and the end of a candy wrapper!

It is amazing what you can do with Studio J!Take some time to play with it!