Saturday, September 15, 2012

Studio J Saturday

Mistletoe madness!  This is my last Mistletoe layout I will show you at least until I run out of other things to post!  I have lots more Christmas pages left!  

I picked this one as my last because while this layout is a good one, it can get tiresome to use because of the circles.  I dressed this one up using the Stickease!  Each circle is actually 2 layers of stickease and a brad!  I resized them to cover the circles on the layout and then resized the layers appropriately.  It makes this layout enough different that I don't say oh yeah the circle layout, ick!  

Also important to note is that the regular paper pack Stickease wouldn't work for this, they are too small and too few!  The great thing is I NEVER run out in Studio J and I can resize to fit my needs!  After spending much of last weekend working on Footloose Swim team pages and realizing that I wasn't going to have enough of the retired paper, I realize what a great thing unlimited paper and Stickease is!

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