Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lego Birthday! Part 1

 After doing Luke's Lego Party for my boys pages I was left with the dregs of Lego paper and had to get creative!  The top layout is from Make it from your Heart volume 1, Layout 2.   Many of the Lego squares are pieced together to make this work!  I love the way it turned out!  I used Cranberry, Honey, Topiary and Black from Close to My Heart to complement the Lego paper.

I also entered this in the Child's Play Lego Challenge! I find entering challenges encourages me to think outside the box and push myself to use my stash and go outside my comfort zone.  This one happened to be really easy because I was doing a Lego birthday Party!
This layout was even harder because I wanted some Lego paper on there and I was almost completely out!  The red strips are Lego paper and the yellow randomly placed is too!  I also made the L and H in the titles from Lego paper!  To finish off the green Lego paper I placed the few pieces I had left on the yellow side of the layout to balance the green!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2012

These pages are essentially the same!  just different background and papers from the same retired paper pack called Believe!  Of course it is available in Studio J still and is perfect for all those pictures you took over the holidays!

I used the zip strip across the center of each of the left pages and some leftover Stickease from the Believe paper pack. I also used this layout from Cheryl Even's blog Even More Scrapping with a couple of changes to meet my needs!

The titles were cut with my lovely cricut and the Art Philosophy cartridge. So I am not incredibly happy with the title on the top photo.  It doesn't stand out enough.  What do you do besides rip it off and start over to fix the problem?

I also entered the second one in the Creative Belli Blog challenge to do something Christmas!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Frosted Layout Class

Thursday, January 30 at 9:00 am
Saturday, February 1 at 7 pm

Cost is $20

Sign up and pay by January 15th.  I suggest you sign up as early as possible because this paper is retiring at the end of January and it is possible it will sell out before then! See the bottom for additional payment instructions!

Everything will be cut for you and you get the remaining paper in the frosty Frosted paper pack.  We also will be using the sparkles and mini sparkles and sparkle flourishes! You can choose your own title on both pages!  Some suggested titles are You're a Star, Shining Bright, New Year'e Eve Party, even Baby or Baby Boy or Sweet One.  What would you title yours!?

You will need to bring scissors, pop dots and adhesive.  

If you cannot attend I can prepare a pre stamped kit for you for $25 plus actually shipping.

To pay you can drop off or send me a check or cash, email me if you need the address.  Or you can paypal me using the friends and family tab, the address you need to use is cmncmn@satx.rr.com   If you need help please email me or call me (2108872424) and I will talk you through it!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Everything ABC Blog Hop- Letter Z

Welcome to the Everything ABC's Blog Hop!

For this hop we will be featuring the letter Z. This may be the name of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment. Whatever the crafter has chosen as their Z element will be featured in their post.

You are at the beginning of The Everything ABC's Blog Hop at Linda's blog ~ Scrappy Therapy .

Letter Z is for Zesty!  Webster's dictionary defines it this way:

: having a strong, pleasant, and somewhat spicy 
: lively and pleasing : full of zest

My Joshua is very much the second definition!  He is lively and fun to be around!  On this page, he decided to eat the jalapeños from his sister's nachos.  She had asked for them on the side for her zestier brother, Micah, who likes spicy foods!
You can see from the progression of pictures that he thought the pepper was a little more than zesty!

 I dug out and old retired stamp with a jalapeño on it for the journaling box!  The stamp was the May Word Puzzle.  I used Ruby, Topiary, Sunset and Creme Brûlée to give the jalapeño texture!  I used the rock and roll method to layer the inks on!  As you can see no two ever end up the same!
I also used the wave border on the family key on Artbooking Cricut Cartridge and turned it 90 degrees and layered it to get the flames look.  I cut it twice in Ruby and Sunset and flipped one over and layered them to make it look like flames. The left below is what I started with and the right is what I used!

The paper I used for this was the Proplayer paper with additional colors of Creme Brûlée and Sunset added in card stock. I also used the wave border on the family key on Artbooking cartridge and Cricut Craft Room to arrange the "flames" and cut the title!  The alphabet  on Artbooking is so easy to weld in the Cricut Craft Room so you are not having to stick on individual letters but a whole word!

Hope you enjoyed my zesty Z!  

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Big Changes coming!

There is a big change coming in the price of signing up as a consultant for Close to my Heart so if you have been thinking about it do it now!  Feel free to contact me with questions or post them here and I will respond!!  OR go sign up here for only $49!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Everything ABC Blog Hop - Letter Y

Welcome to the Everything ABC's Blog Hop!

For this hop we will be featuring the letter Y. This may be the name
of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment. Whatever the crafter has chosen as their Y element will be featured in their post.

If you have just hopped onto my blog you are at the beginning!

Letter Y was just not calling to me with ideas, so today as I was working on cards for the sweet lady who cleans my house, I decided to use You.   As in, You are special to me! Several You people are featured in the post!  My kids teachers, Sandra who cleans for messes (lots of them) and some regular customers who keep my business going month after month!  I haven't finished all of them and forgot to take photos of some of them!  

All of the patterns are from either the Make It From Your Heart 1 or 2 how to books! I will refer to them as the MIFYH books from here on out!
Above is the card for Mrs. Schropp, my daughter Lora's teacher.  I give them 10 cards in a magazine holder and also the Monogram stamp and a 2x2 block so they can use their monogram again! This pattern is #26 from MIFYH #1.
The above card is made from the retired Sophia papers and is for Mrs. Casteneda, Micah's teacher. This pattern #28 in the MIFYH #2.
Above is made from retired Stella papers and is for Mrs. Burmeister, Sara's teacher. The pattern is #24 in MIFYH #1.
Above is from the Dotty paper pack that was a special some time ago and is for Ms. Trejo, Joshua's teacher!  These might be my favorite because they are so colorful and each card is a little different! This is from the MIFYH #1 pattern #21.
Above is a card I made for Karen one of my regular layout class attenders!    It is from MIFYH #1 pattern 23. I didn't have the K Monogram so I pulled out my lovely Bohemian Alphabet stamps and used it!  I actually love the way it turned out!
The cards or Sandra and my customers I bundled with a pretty piece of ribbon, simple and quick!

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Here is the complete lineup in case you get lost along the way :)
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