Monday, September 30, 2013

Photofull- tons of photos!

 I take this class once a month at Stamp Antonio.  It is called Photoful and it is intended to help you get lots of photos on a two page layout without it looking cluttered!  I have 19 on this layout!  How you ask?  The photo on the bottom right is actually a flap and fold out!

 It has 4 flaps that neatly fold into a pile and look like one photo.
Above is it with one flap folded up, below I folded one down.
 And one side out.

 All flaps unfolded!
 The entired flap folds up to go outside your page protector!
It was such a fun layout that this is second one I made!  Below is the first one!
 This is a great way to put all those trick or treating pictures on one page and not have to have 5 pages of trick or treating!

I used Huntington for the first layout and included a little bling with the Mocha Opaques.  The second layout was with the retired Moonlight and the title was cut using Artbooking!

To see more Photofull go here and here!


  1. Such a cool technique! I love scrapping with many photos, so I will have to try this idea. One question: how do keep the flaps from falling open?

  2. You could add a small piece of velcro to keep it closed. There are other embellishments that could work too. Mine doesn't seem to flap open though.

  3. These would work well!