Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Toothless Wonders

Another paper pack that I am getting to the bottom of the retired Victory paper!  These pictures of my boys about a year ago and I did something I rarely do, I combined pictures from a couple of dates because they are all about losing teeth, two different boys too!

Do we always have to scrapbook chronologically?  The answer to that is definitely not!  I try to but that is just my nature, I know several ladies that just scrapbook what they want when they want and their scrapbooks have no specific rhyme or reason to them!

I had fun with the randomness of the placement of pictures and the circles!  Not all my pictures are the same size or shape and the circles add an element of playfulness to the page which has my playful boys on it!  

I do have some books for vacations and Christmas and such but I am mostly an in order kind of girl!  My scrapbooks are even in order on the shelves!

How do you scrapbook? Random?  Chronological? Theme based?

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