Friday, February 21, 2014

Skylanders vs Star Wars

 My boys are twins and are very different!  This past year they couldn't agree on a theme for their birthday party so they each had their own cake and theme!  Skylanders vs. Star Wars!  I figure most people only want so see one picture of the cake and the kids with the cake but I couldn't pick so...
I used Flip Flaps to include all the pictures I wanted without having a cluttered page!
The 4x6 Flip Flaps come in a package of 15 for $3.95.  The pictures just slide in and the Flip Flaps are self adhesive.  When I say they are self adhesive, I mean it! Once these are down they do not easily come off!  In this case I did not stack several but you can!  I make my page and slide it in the page protector and then just adhere the Flip Flap to the outside of the page protector!  The other thing i love about these is that they are thick and sturdy just like our page protectors so they will survive all 4 of my kids flipping them for years to come!

Here are some more examples of Flip Flaps and their fun uses!

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