Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge #91

This week's sketch on Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge was a bit of a frustrating one for me...I knew I could easily make a Valentine's card with hearts down the side and it would be adorable but that isn't what I wanted to do.  I wanted to do something less obvious.  

Scrapbook pages are my first love and I haven't gotten to do much of that recently, so I decided way too late at night after 4 days of parenting my adorable 4 kids on my own while my husband is traveling to embark on a scrapping adventure.  

My plan was a Christmas page with ornaments down the side but I couldn't find my already cut ornaments to use them.  In the process of looking, I came across the flowers cut from the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge that I cut the wrong size for a project and I pulled out the Heartstrings paper and started playing.
Isn't it cute!  Big flowers are generally not my cup of tea but I love the little arrows on the backside and those flowers worked perfectly for my layout!  

I also used the Artbooking Cricut cartridge to cut my title twice in Hollyhock and White Daisy to pop that Hollyhock just a tad!

I don't have the photos printed yet but each flower will have a picture of one of my daughters and then the large photo of the two of them will be on the top right!  They are almost 11 years old and Blossoming was just the perfect title for what is going on in their bodies and their lives!  I am very proud of the young ladies they are becoming and this page will be a testament of that!

I will try to get an update up with photos soon!

Join us on the Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge and share what you create!


  1. I like the thought process and eventual ending project.

  2. I love that you switched the sketch up and turned it into a layout. Gorgeous!!