Thursday, November 12, 2015

PhotoFULL and Money $aving Sketches Classes

We will be using Tami's Sketches to teach these classes at my home with her permission! 
$8 PER class 
In Money $aving $ketches, you'll get a "sketch", basically a template and cutting guide, for not one but TWO - 12 X 12 double page layouts. Layouts are quick and easy plus Money $aving too! These $ketches are designed to not only hold a good amount of larger size photos, but to also S-T-R-E-T-C-H your supplies as far as they can go. Each month's "sketch" will be different, but the premise will remain the same... take one set of supplies, cut them according to the sketch, and suddenly you have 2 scrapbook layouts DONE! 
The PhotoFULL class features a "sketch", basically a template and cutting guide, for a different 2 page 12 X 12 layout AND a different technique on how to get MORE photos on YOUR pages! Pockets, flaps and flips OH MY! If you have STACKS of photos from Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Graduation, Wedding or any other theme laying around that you are dreading doing because you have SO many pictures, come give this class a try and find out how to get them scrapped QUICK! The techniques you learn can be applied to your own pages, and soon, you'll be getting TONS more photos scrapbooked quickly and easily. 
Take EITHER or BOTH classes at class time. $8 PER class. Stay and crop until 1:30!
Supplies for PhotoFull
2 sheets of cardstock - for background 
1 sheet of cardstock – flap extension and large flap
1 sheet of cardstock – matting
1 sheet of cardstock or printed cardstock (DOUBLE SIDED RECOMMENDED) 
1 sheet of printed paper (DOUBLE SIDED RECOMMENDED or use washi tape or trim for narrow strips)
photo turn and mini brad twine for folder closure 
Supplies for Money $aving Sketches
4 sheets of cardstock for backgrounds
1 sheet of cardstock or printed cardstock for mats
1 sheet of cardstock or printed cardstock for mats
1 sheet of printed paper1 sheet of printed paper (different paper)

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