Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Load #12 Roller skating in the house?

Another Magic layout!  Have I mention I love this how to book and I am not even doing the "magic" part!

We had my old roller stakes at the house to use for Fiesta floats and didn't use them, well at least not for floats.  Sara decide to skate/walk around the house in them!  It was fun watching her and remembering how I used to wear those same skates to roller skate in the barn at my grandmother's house in New York.  I was always afraid to skate behind the cows for fear of falling in the yucky stuff!

Caboodle paper
Dimensional elements - On Target
White hemp
Piercing tools
Buttercup ink


  1. Oh, I love how you turned the one page and it looks great with Caboodle! Thanks for playing along with my Monday Magic Creation Challenge.