Sunday, October 2, 2011

Many Face of Joshua!

Joshua loves to pose for you especially if you have a camera!  I took these pictures not really intending to do anything but throw them away!   He was so cute and I saw a sketch that used 2x2 pictures!   So, I printed all of them in wallet size and had a blast putting this page together!  

I am still debating if I need to add a title on the squares or some journaling.

What do you think?  Leave it or add to it!?


  1. So cute! Love all the faces. It looks great as is, but it wouldn't hurt to put his name and the date on it somewhere so you can remember when you took the photos.

  2. I would title it, "The Many Faces of Joshua" and also put a date/his age on it. This way family members can look back many years from now and know when and at what age this was taken. This is a really cute page and will be enjoyed many years from now when Joshua takes a look back at it!