Saturday, May 26, 2012

Studio J Saturday- Calendar style

Every year I do calendars for my husband's family and my parents.  It is a lot of work and grew from doing just 4 to doing 8 and I still don't get one!  So last year I used Level one paper packs and it went much quicker but was still very time consuming! 
 Enter Studio J...I decided to figure out a way I could do the top of the calendar by splitting a two page layout between 2 calendars.

If you notice there are the same pictures on each page and both pages say January!  It will go in 2 different calendars and I only need to print 4 copies for all my calendars!

After I get them I only need to glue them on the calendar page and viola I am done!  Ok except for writing the dates and birthdays and anniversaries!  I have made that easier too by printing them on clear return address labels and sticking them on the correct date!

Why did I ever start doing this?

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