Saturday, September 8, 2012

Studio J Saturday- Pop Rocks

When I saw Pop Rocks in the grocery store I knew I had to get some for the kids!  Sara is the kiddo in this page and she is so expressive!  She got a huge kick out of the Pop Rocks because she put a bunch in her mouth at once!  What a blast to watch!  
 The tags were fun to create!  The different size fonts  added interest and perfectly described the situation!  Of course I never had too few tags because of Studio J and I could make them the perfect size!

Below are my boys trying out their Pop Rocks!
It was fun to create the title on the curve of the circle and then add embellishments to enhance the empty space!  I am still working on clustering but I continue to try until I find something I like!  I love that I didn't have to reprint the photo of the boys together in a larger size just drag and drop and voila it is the perfect size!  And if it needs to be cropped I can do that too and it is still big enough!

Try your hand at Studio J here!  There is no purchase required and No obligation to buy!

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