Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Child's Play Challenge

One of the Child's Play Challenges for April was to use Mary Poppins as inspiration!  I immediately thought of these pictures of my kids playing in the rain!  The huge umbrella reminded me of Mary Poppins and when it rained in the Mary Poppins movie and the the chalk drawings disappeared!

My kids were so excited when it started raining the first thing they wanted to do was go out and play in it!  I used the Dotty papers because of the clouds, it seemed so appropriate!
I cut the chevrons from one of the Dotty papers.  The layout is one out of the Make It From Your Heart book and made it work with my pictures!  I found the layout a little blah and didn't really like it and then I got the idea of raindrops!  I used a flower petal from the Art Philosophy Cartridge and distorted it a little and got rain drops!  I used our new glitter paper to make the rain drops!  It was a great finishing touch!

I love a challenge it makes me think outside of my normal and the deadline helps motivate me to get it done!

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