Sunday, May 19, 2013

For sale by LeaBeth

A former consultant and her daughter are trying to sell these retired stamp sets please contact her directly if you are interested! email her at

Acrylic set A's:

A1042 Live life well 5.00**** A1024 Harvest Blocks 5.00****A1004 Summer Harvest 5.00


Acrylic B's:

(Lea)D1211 Reminders 7.00**** B1081 Guilded Frames 7.00****

B1077 Night before Christmas 7.00****B1001 Twinkle Toes 7.00****

(2 of these)B1019 Celebration Solids 7.00**** B1332 Good times 25 yrs sticker 8.00

B1197 Love is 7.00****B1034 Butterflies 7.00****B1033 Blossom Blocks 7.00


Acrylic C's:

(Lea) C1211 Birthday Invitation 10.00****(Lea) C1166 You and Me 10.00****

C1056 Curly Sentiments 10.00**** C1194 Love Quotes 10.00**** W325 words we live by 8.00


Acrylic stamp set D's:

D1176 Youthful Heart 11.00 (2 of them)******D1309 Heartthrob 11.00****

D1070 Marine 11.00****D1239 Kindred Spirits 11.00*****D1163 Holly Jolly season 11.00*****

D1340 Easter Eggs11.00 ****D1026 Beauty Seen 11.00 ****D1093 Spring Possibilities11.00****

D1341 Butterfly Wings 11.00****D1084 Love Tags 11.00

D1130 Random Thoughts 11.00**** D1086 Birthday Bash 11.00****

D1146 Back to Nature 11.00*****D1245 In My heart 11.00 ****D1186 Rustic Flowers 11.00

(Lea) D1134 Elegant Script 11.00**** (Lea) D1012 Confetti and Favors 11.00****

(Lea)D1085 Happy Easter 11.00

I have 2 Acid Free Paint brush thingy's lol 3174 is the part # one is missing the top clear lid 1.00

each****Old Ink stamps 2 black 1488 one latch broke but is still fresh 2.00 each**** Sping Iris

2.00**** I have 1 of the newer stamp Moonstuck Z2134 3.50**** Barn Red ***** I also have

the Childrens Butterfly book Not in stock with paper kit opened never used for 15.00 along with

2 My Childs Reflections All about School X8501 9.00 and all about my hobbies x8516 9.00

**** W603 Intro Brochure 17 pack opened 1.50****Invotation Cards Part #W116 3.50****For

our Hostes Part # q117 3.50 Cd Let me show you how 2.00 Customer Register packets

unopened 2.00**** Totaling Form unopened 2.00**** Customer Order Forms opened 3.00

****Consultant Application unopened 2.50**** Hostess Rewards Form 2.50

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