Friday, August 23, 2013

Studio J - Adding Photo Wells

 This layout in Studio J already has 10 pictures on it! It worked great for Christmas photos of my family.
When we went to the Field Museum in Chicago we too loads of pictures in the Hall of Gems.  They were interesting but I didn't want 5 or 6 layouts of gems so...I added photo wells. 

This layout is the same as the one above but has 14 additional 2x2 photo wells added!  Did you know that you can do that now?  You can size them what ever size you want and add as few or as many as you want! This layout now has 24 photos on it!
You can even change the size of the photo wells already on the layout!  This new feature add even more versatility to Studio J.  Have you tried Studio J?  You can play and create with NO cost to you!  The only cost is actually when you want to print your creations!

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