Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Studio J No Limits layout

I know these look a little wacky, but I wanted to show you one of the things you can do with Studio J.
I am going to the Close to my Heart Album Retreat in October and we are going to be making 10 2 page layouts and a one page layout.

 Many of the layouts have odd picture sizes like 1.5 x 1.5 inches.
They made templates for us to use to load all of our photos in for these layouts.

I realize you might still be sitting there going huh?  So we have a layout in Studio J called No Limits.  They took the photo sizes we needed and added them to the no limits layout.  They are printing them for us and we will cut them apart for the layouts we are doing.  

SO why should you care?  
If you are trying to do a layout that has 2x2 pictures on it and you can't find any, you can use Studio J to make them.  When you add a picture to a photo well it sizes it proportionally to the photo well.  

The other cool thing you can do is add paper to the no limits layout and make your own layout using photo wells, text boxes and stick ease and embellishments.  This frees you up to have any kind of layout you want!

I didn't really finish this as you can tell there is only one page, but I started from a blank page and took Giggles and Grins which is red, yellow, white and black and cam e up with this!
It is fun to play and see what you can do

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