Monday, June 2, 2014

Disney Gone Ape!

My husband who took the Disney picture because I wasn't there, didn't remember anything about this other than it was a monkey on those wires up there!  There were lots of this scene though so I figured they must have watched for a while!  I wanted an easy page that was fast and high impact!

The paper is striped, no piecing!  I just mats for the photos to go with the paper and put them on black to make the colors POP!  It needed a border but I didn't want a lot of work so I used a felt border that would mold to the shape I wanted it!  It was left from the Zippidee paper line from a long time ago!  Love using that stash!  I spent maybe 10 minutes on this page and that was mostly figuring out what to do and what pictures to use!

I love easy fun pages!

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