Friday, June 20, 2014

Mickey in the rain!

 The Mickey paper called my name in the store and then I had a hard time using it because it was so cute and I didn't want to cover it up or cut it up. I had just one photo with my son's Mickey he bought with his own money. The paper was perfect I covered very little of it!  I also used the shiny red paper I used on another page to help the picture pop out from the other Mickey's better! Simple but effective!

 Waiting on the rain again!  I got caught on my way to meet my family in Epcot! We met up and almost immediately had to find shelter!  It was fun though, with the kids hiding under a plant and Joshua being Joshua and dancing and wiggling his cute tiny hiney!
Are you tired of Disney yet? Me too!  But I am having fun using such a variety of papers and subjects!

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